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🚫 There is no place for racism in the EU.

Anti-racism is a founding principle of our Union. 6️⃣ months ago, we adopted our first ever EU Anti-racism Action Plan to tackle racism and discrimination at all levels and across society

📢 We need to talk about racism. And we need to act.

As a first step, we organised the first ever European Anti-racism Summit on the eve of the International Day against Racial Discrimination.

It was an occasion to check the state of play in every EU country and to think critically about our shortcomings, but also to focus on how we cherish diversity.

#EUAntiRacism #UnionOfEquality

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European Commission
Our goal is that all EU countries have a national action plan against racism by the end of next year. Read more information about our EU Anti-racism Action Plan here → europa.eu/!yf76Rg
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European Commission
Missed the European Anti-racism Summit? Find out more here → https://www.antiracism-eusummit2021.eu/
Semin Suvarierol Hoen, profile picture
Semin Suvarierol Hoen
Right instead of that we'll now discriminate on the basis of health, hurray. Then we can exclude anyone who doesn't obey the rules and is not sterile enough...
Fabian Schmid, profile picture
Fabian Schmid
The EU is doomed to fail and vanish. It’s only a question of time...
Charlotte Rovelstad, profile picture
Charlotte Rovelstad
Wouldn’t that be nice if that were true.
Anita Bhattarai, profile picture
Anita Bhattarai
What about poland 😆😆😆lol
Katarina Horvat, profile picture
Katarina Horvat
Keep this woke nonsense away from Europe.
Fatima Marie Chakri, profile picture
Fatima Marie Chakri
venez ici en Charente 16 près de Rouillac , surtout là ou j'habite, et vous verrez par vous même , si le Racisme n'existe pas, Il y a pas plus Raciste,
Nurko Vrazalica, profile picture
Nurko Vrazalica
Bla bla bla
Mal Samuel, profile picture
Mal Samuel
Călin Andrei, profile picture
Călin Andrei
What do you undertand by saying "racism"? I think you're mixing things up.
Alessio Cetani, profile picture
Alessio Cetani
you have destroyed Greece
Issa Amadou, profile picture
Issa Amadou
Amine Allah
Pete DiLaurentis, profile picture
Pete DiLaurentis
Daniel Yosef, profile picture
Daniel Yosef
This is the first in-depth report on how the #Ethiopian government is using rape as a weapon of war in #Tigray. Harrowing but important eye-witness report by my colleague ⁦@JamalMOsman⁩ https://t.co/cc58wa2Ah5
Alberto Piovesan, profile picture
Alberto Piovesan
Non mi pare che sia così , in Polonia c'è discriminazione per le donne che vogliono l'aborto e voi non fate nulla ! Cosa facciamo gli diciamo di cambiare colore per avere la vostra attenzione ? Siete un'ipocrisia legalizzata
Ranjan Gogoi, profile picture
Ranjan Gogoi
Holopainen Asseri, profile picture
Holopainen Asseri
Allah is only true.
Walter Durante, profile picture
Walter Durante
Intelligence: A pandemic is certainly the catalytic event that the system has been looking for for a long time to be able to drag the world towards the new world government.It is an operation that has all the characteristics of the perfect crisis that David Rockefeller was talking about at a Nations event. United in 1994. A crisis so great and devastating that it would have forced nations to definitively surrender their sovereignty in favor of the world dictatorship governed mainly by the great families of Rockefellers and Rothschilds. behaviors of the population are nothing more than the result of a mental programming of the masses themselves.The masses no longer think spontaneously and have renounced what distinguishes them from animals, that is reasoning.The people of the world dictatorship are not in fact a people of citizens endowed with intellect and humanity towards society, but rather a multitude of brutalized slaves who are unable to do anything but obey, even if this means destroying their own lives and that of their neighbors. However, in order to achieve a world government, the thrust of the greatest world powers is necessary. Winston Churchill already explained this in 1950 in a conference held in Copenhagen. The former British Prime Minister made it clear on that occasion that a united Europe, Russia, China and of course the United States were indispensable to achieve world government. to be able to reach the New World Order it is essential to destroy the cradle of world Christianity, therefore Europe and above all Italy. In the world government there are no traditional nation states in which there is a direct relationship or not between national governments and their respective peoples. In the world government there is a supranational institution in the hands of financial and technocratic globalism that has no other purpose than to ensure the very privileges of the top of globalism.
Antonela Cleo Nedelcu, profile picture
Antonela Cleo Nedelcu
What about racism against white people and Christianity?! We don’t see that, right?! No!
Vlas Nemecek, profile picture
Vlas Nemecek
Stop anti white racism.

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