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Vaccine deliveries will increase in the EU in the second quarter, and we are making progress on vaccination. In the EU as of 16 March:
69.5 million vaccine doses have been delivered
51 million vaccine doses have been administered

This week we reached an agreement with BioNTech-Pfizer on the accelerated delivery of 10 million doses for the second quarter, which will bring the total doses of BioNTech-Pfizer in the second quarter up to over 200 million.

We can achieve our target of 70% of the adult population fully vaccinated by the end of this summer.


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European Commission
The European Medicines Agency has clearly stated that the benefits of the AstraZeneca vaccine in combating COVID-19 continue to outweigh the risks of side effects. It is an effective and safe vaccine that greatly contributes to the efforts to address the impact of COVID-19 and the very serious health risks of an infection. Learn more →
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Silviu Iașcu
I think that you shouldn't count for September's target too many vaccines from AZ. People are more and more reluctant to use it even in the EU countries which didn't stop the vaccination last week with their serum.
Linda Tennant, profile picture
Linda Tennant
Well you shot yourselves in the foot over all this, much work needed by the terrible EU to regain people's trust.
Ivan Georgiev, profile picture
Ivan Georgiev
In which part of EU western part or the discriminated Eastern Europe as you in the west are taking the vaccines an living only a little to Bulgaria, Slovakia, Austria, Croatia and so on. Why no one of you is answering the question why you are discriminating Eastern EU ?
Jhing Bauer, profile picture
Jhing Bauer
Why EU didn't order Pfizer Biontec vaccine for everyone? Sorry I haven't really understood the reason behind got confused with all those different brands across the Internet 🇪🇺😱
Walter Durante, profile picture
Walter Durante
Intelligence: What the world public opinion thinks of the China-US meeting in Anchorage, Alaska.

Beijing and Washington must develop positive relations with the countries of the Asia-Pacific region and should have countries that are "mutual friends" to preserve democracy. So the parties must cooperate and not clash. We must work on the basis of mutual respect if humanity wants a prosperous and peaceful future of cooperation of all the races that populate the planet.
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Steve Patriarca
Just had an email from Stadt Wien inviting over 90s to make appointments. So the vaccine programme has now reached the general public. Over 60s by the end of year? Only about six months behind the developed world.
Tom O'Hanlon, profile picture
Tom O'Hanlon
Why can't you authorize the Sputnik vaccine?
Jean S. Sahaï, profile picture
Jean S. Sahaï
To hell !
Ranjan Gogoi, profile picture
Ranjan Gogoi
Daniel Yosef, profile picture
Daniel Yosef
“They killed men and boys. They came and terrorized the women, asking them where their husbands. ... Ethiopian troops had burned crop fields and urinated in stores to despoil the grain kept there."
#EthnicCleansing #UNInvestigateTigray
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Stefanie Vandevyvere
Meanwhile, the US have vaccinated 100 million of its inhabitants. Almost 13% of its population has received both doses. Other countries like Israel, the UK, UAE and Serbia are also well ahead of the EU. While negotiating with the vaccine manufacturers, the EU traded availability for purchase price. A capital mistake that is costing both lives and -paradoxically- money. First, the EU tried to put the blame on the manufacturers, AstraZeneca in particular. Now, the EU, unlike governments which negotiated wiser, tries to curb the expots of the vaccine manufacturers. VP Timmermans recently admitted the EU Commission made mistakes. Will there be any consequences for EU Commission staff for having made this mistake that is costing lives?



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