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Bright minds for big EU challenges:

🌱 A climate-neutral and green Europe.
📱 A Europe fit for the digital age.
💶 An economy that works for people.

The EU’s research and innovation programme ‘Horizon Europe’ has these priorities covered for the next 4️⃣ years with the adoption of its first strategic plan. 👍

Through this programme, worth €95.5 billion in current prices, we will make sure that EU funded research and innovation will address the challenges faced by Europeans.

#HorizonEU #EUGreenDeal #DigitalEU

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European Commission, profile picture
European Commission
The priorities set out in Horizon Europe's strategic plan will be implemented through the Horizon Europe work programme. It sets out funding opportunities for research and innovation activities through thematic calls for proposals and topics. Find out more information here → europa.eu/!wp78cM
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Dan Vasile Fulea
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Jef Costello
Speaking of Horizon Europe, why is Israel included in it ? Instead of condemning them for their decades long opression of Palestinians&construction of illegal settlements and repeated violations of int.law, we keep rewarding Israel for its behaviour by including them in our research projects. Not to mention they are not even a European country.
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Miguel Carvalho
Our economy will be dead. Not green if we don't speed up the vaccine. Worst plan ever. Worst execution even!
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Nea Costy
Me. I have a very bright mind. Choose me. Where do I sign up?

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