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AP Differdange (10,7 km) Date: Aug 19, 2018 Region: Minette Duration: 2 h 20 min Elevation: 289-415 m Elevation gain: 281 m Level: moderate Walking terrain: good Enjoyable walk in the southwestern part of the country, belonging to the densely urbanised Minette Region, stretching from Rodange to Dudelange. During 170 years, iron ore was brought to light through underground and surface mining, melted in numerous blast furnaces and worked to steel, among other steelworks, in Differdange (lux. Déifferdeng), formerly known as “Cité du Fer” (city of iron). The tour starts outside the town near the old “Thillenberg” soccer ground (49.52141N, 5.87556E). The track takes you on a moderate slope to a plateau of cultivated land through lush beech forests. Past the “Roudenhaff” farm, stroll down the valley of the “Crosnière” stream to get to the village of Lasauvage (lux. Zowaasch), an ancient miners’ housing estate, now an open air museum with a rich industrial heritage to discover. Lasauvage is called after the legend of a savage woman, who used to live in the woods around the village in the XVIIth century. She lived in a rock cave and subsisted on deer she hunted in the woods and sheep she stole from the farmers. When she died, she wasn’t allowed to get to hell because she was taken for some female beast. So, her ghost haunted the forests and the valley and terrified the population. Finally, a devout hermit succeeded in banishing the ghost. Leave the village on a steep climb back to the plateau, where you can discover some sink holes right and left of the path. These are traces of the underground mining beneath the plateau. Be careful and don’t leave the rambling path in this area. Continue through the forest and return back to the starting point.

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