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# WTF HAPPENED? ON THE PHENOMENON OF TRUMP has been getting great responses and comments from audience members at the Kansas City Fringe Festival. Many thanks! If you’re in KC, there is one (maybe two?) more chance(s) to see the show at MTH Mainstage — Saturday night, July 28th at 10.30pm (and Sunday?) Check out what people are saying: ‘(Abbott’s) portrayal of the different characters was spot on. It showed what the characters feel about the current political situation. Best performance so far this Fringe.’ (Jim and Cheryl Cogswell) ‘A very clever and subtle presentation, about how the American person has changed from patriotism, to nationalism… Forget your own politics, sit back and enjoy one of the best shows at the Fringe.’ (Ian Jennings) ‘…An extremely enjoyable show — smart, insightful and entertaining. The writing is thoughtful and intelligent and the characters are complex and clearly drawn… Erik Abbott portrays the complexity and, often, the inner conflict of individuals who find that their way of life is better supported by a Trump presidency than by the alternative. Abbott does a remarkable job of physically and vocally representing characters across a wide range of age, class, region and experience, keeping each character distinct and unique.’ (Jay Nickerson) Photo by Bob Evans, KC Applauds.

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