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Espace: H9 Perçus comme des atouts esthétiques indéniables de l’habitat, le jardin, la verdure et accessoires botaniques font partie intégrante des espaces de vie. Ainsi, le H9 doté d’un assortiment de plantes soigneusement aménagées démontre la complémentarité du monde végétal au de…ROOF-TOP-GARDEN @ #HomeAndLivingExpo
Le prolongement de l’été se fait dans le H9 aménagé en coin « nature » avec son jardin fleuri, une terrasse apaisante et des accessoires botaniques ludiques. Une expérience qui en vaut le détour !

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MNHM – Musée National d’Histoire Militaire

On this day in 1944, operation Market Garden was launched by the Allies, with the objective to encircle the German industries of the Ruhr area. It consisted of two subsidiary operations: “Market” was the name given to the airborne assault and “Garden” was the term used for the ground attack. At the center of the mission was the capture of nine bridges in the Netherlands. Operation Market Garden was the largest airborne operation in World War II up to that point. On the ground, the Luxembourg Battery participated in the preparation and the support of the attack. The Crown Prince Jean of Luxembourg also took part in operation Market Garden with the Guards Armoured Division near Arnhem.

After initial successes by taking several bridges between Eindhoven and Nijmegen, things soon started to go wrong for the Allies. There were more German troops in the area than expected and progress became slow. This was especially true near Arnhem, where the 1st Airborne Division (UK) struggled to capture the bridge over the Rhine. They faced the 9th SS Panzer division and other German units in ferocious battles. As the ground forces failed to relieve the 1st Airborne Division, the Germans launched an effective counterattack. The paratroopers were trapped in a small pocket west of the bridge and had sustained many casualties. On September 25, they were evacuated and the Allies had to accept defeat at Arnhem. Not crossing the Rhine meant that operation Market Garden was a failure. The bridge in Arnhem would become known as “A bridge too far”.

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📷Top – Waves of paratroops land in the Netherlands in September 1944. (National Archives and Records Administration). Left – The bridge at Arnhem as photographed from an RAF Spitfire on September 18. Burnt-out German vehicles can be seen on the northern side held by the British (IWM MH 2061). Right – German soldiers near Arnhem (Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-S73833 / CC-BY-SA 3.0).

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Käse (wie auch Rotwein) schmeckt am besten bei Raumtemperatur. Nehmt ihn daher am besten eine halbe Stunde vor dem Servieren aus dem Kühlschrank 🧀

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Photos from CSV Gemeng Habscht’s post

D‘CSV Gemeng Habscht ass houfreg, dass mat onsem Buergermeeschter, dem Serge Hoffmann, och e Kandidat aus onser Sektioun op der CSV Südlëscht vertrueden ass.

Mir wënschen him an allen CSV Kandidate vill Erfolleg !

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