YogaBalance – Luxembourg

💕Get back to your mat in Kirchberg! Here’s the full schedule. NEWS: New location in Merl opening Friday, 08.02. See you very soon 💕 . #yogaeverydamnday #vinyasa #hatha #yin #kids #teens #familyyoga #newlocationMerl #intention #wordoftheyear #kirchbergyoga #yogabalanceluxembourg

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Do dogs run faster for more treats or better quality treats?

Scientists find out which rewards dogs will run faster for, and the results explain why you need to use good treats in dog training.Interessante Mini-Studie: “The results show that the quality of treats makes a difference to dogs. If you want good results in training, it’s important to know what motivates the dog.”

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Ramskopf 😜 #lusitano #Hebraico #Schweini #ramskopf @ Contern

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3 Rotor 20b Mazda RX8 // Screaming Sound RallySprint Monster


Garage ELL S.à r.l. by Fernandes Steve

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